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hr - define a thematic change in the content of a terminal session


  hr [OPTIONS]


hr prints a horisontal bar in your terminal. Useful when you run a chain of commands that might produce a lot of output and you need to differentiate where a given output is coming from.


  -c,    --char       Character to use
  -s,    --size       Number of columns
  -pre,  --pre        Pad the left side with whitespace n
  -post, --post       Pad the right side with whitespace n
  -fg,   --fg         Foreground color to use, int 0-255
  -bg,   --bg         Background color to use, int 0-255
  -b,    --bold       Use bold
  -i,    --italic     Use italics
  -u,    --underline  Use underline
  -r,    --reverse    Use reverse video

  -h,    --help       Display this help and exit
  -m,    --man        Display the manual and exit
  -v,    --version    Display version info and exit


    # display a yellow underlined bar using the default '=' character
    hr -fg 220 --underline

    # display a red solid bar padded by 10 columns from right and left
    hr -fg 160 -c ▀ --pre 10 --post 10

    # display a solid grey, thick bar using ascii character _ and the bold,
    # underline and reverse video attributes

    hr -fg 240 -c_ -bur

    # display a bar made of dots, with 5 column spacing one each size
    # and 20 columns wide.

    hr -fg 197 -c· -pre 5 -post 5 -size 20

    # use all options at once, because why not?
    hr -c ! -fg 52 -bg 196 -biur -s 70 -pre 5 -post 5

    # use several characters to form a bar using arithmetics
    hr -c "  japh  " -fg 1 -bg 0 -b -s $(($COLUMNS / 8))


  Magnus Woldrich


Copyright 2019 THIS APPLICATIONs "AUTHOR" and "CONTRIBUTORS" as listed above.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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