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App::tonematch - A script to test the tone perception of your ears.


Version 0.002


    $ tonematch


This is a script designed to test the accuracy of the tone discrimination of the users hearing. Two tones are produced and the user must vary one of them until both match. The script repeatedly generates a tone with a randomly chosen unknown frequency and sends it through your earphones to one of your ears to be compared with a tone of a frequency under the user's control that is sent to his other ear. When the user believes the tones agree the test continues with a new random tone. The output of the program is a text file with the chosen frequencies and the discrepancies between both ears. The user can the plot the results with an external program or process them with whatever tool he choses.


Test the accuracy of your hearing.

Use your headphones/earphones.

Press the (Re)init button to initialize a random tone.

Choose a file to save the results.

Repeatedly, press the Reference and Current buttons while modifying the frequency dials until you believe both tones match. You might want to set the volume for each channel. If the tone is inaudible (maybe due to a too high or low frequency), you can change it by Reiniting.

After matching a tone, Reinit and repeat the process until you get tired, and then Stop.

You may Peek (but you shouldn't) to find out how you are doing.

The result is a text file with three columns of data: the target frequency, the matching frequency and the difference in semi-tones. After the test is concluded, this file may be processed with external tools. For example, the may be plotted with *gnuplot.*


W. Luis Mochán, Instituto de Ciencias Físicas, UNAM, México


This work was partially supported by DGAPA-UNAM under grants IN108413 and IN113016.