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Applications::BackupAndRestore - a linux frontend for tar


BackupAndRestore is a backup utility for making incremental backups by using GNU Tar. Core features:

  • Incremental backup with quick and easy restoration of files

  • Handels different backup locations

  • Full support for excluding files and folders and even file patterns (shell regex)

  • Handels different store locations

  • Log with all relevant information


A Linux



A archive browser like file-roller (for now BackupAndRestore only supports this)


Backup & Restore

The Backup & Restore utility is illustrated in Figure 1-1.

Figure 1-1. Backup & Restore

To start up Backup & Restore from a terminal window, type BackupAndRestore and then press Enter.

Backup & Restore has a List View where you see every single backup with time, date, changed files and the exact space required on your harddrive.

Above the list view there is a File Chooser Button where you can select a folder to backup. Position the cursor over File Chooser Button and press the right mouse button. A pop-up menu appears. Choose a folder from the pop-up menu. Drag a folder icon and place it into the File Chooser Button. The window displays the contents of that backup.

Right hand to the File Chooser Button there is a Recycle Button. The recycle button keeps a list of folders you have saved. For example, place the cursor over the recycle button on a Backup & Restore window; then press the left mouse button to see a list of directories whose contents you have previously saved. Choose an item from this list and the window changes to display the contents of that backup.

Below the list view there is a backup button.

Backup In Progress Notification

The Backup In Progress Notification is illustrated in Figure 1-2.

Figure 1-2. Backup In Progress Notification

Restore Dialog

The Restore Dialog is illustrated in Figure 1-3.

Figure 1-3. Restore Dialog

Restore In Progress Notification

The Restore Dialog is illustrated in Figure 1-4.

Figure 1-4. Restore In Progress Notification

Remove Backup Dialog

The Remove Backup Dialog is illustrated in Figure 1-5.

Figure 1-5. Remove Backup Dialog



        use Applications::BackupAndRestore -run;

        use Applications::BackupAndRestore;



Creates a new Window;

        my $window = new Applications::BackupAndRestore;


Opens the window. Run will not return until you close the window.

        use Applications::BackupAndRestore -run;




Displays the window and return.



If you run into a miscalculation please drop the author a note.




This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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