Attribute::Alias - An Alias attribute


  use Attribute::Alias;

  sub color : Alias(colour) { return 'red' }


If you need a variable or subroutine to be known by another name, use this attribute. Internally, the attribute's handler assigns typeglobs to each other. As such, the Alias attribute provides a layer of abstraction. If the underlying mechanism changes in a future version of Perl (say, one that might not have the concept of typeglobs anymore :), a new version of this module will take care of that, but your Alias declarations are going to stay the same.

Note that assigning typeglobs means that you can't specify a synonym for one element of the glob and use the same synonym for a different target name in a different slot. I.e.,

  sub color :Alias(colour) { ... }
  my $farbe :Alias(colour);

doesn't make sense, since the sub declaration aliases the whole colour glob to color, but then the scalar declaration aliases the whole colour glob to farbe, so the first alias is lost.


None known so far. If you find any bugs or oddities, please do inform the author.


Marcel Grunauer, <>

Dan Kogai, <dankogai+cpan at>


Copyright 2001 Marcel Grunauer. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2006 Dan Kogai. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


perl(1), Attribute::Handlers