Authen::OPIE - Perl module for opie (onetime password in everything)


  use Authen::OPIE qw(opie_challenge, opie_verify);

  $challenge = opie_challenge($login);
  $result = opie_verify($login, $response);


This module gives perl access to the challenge and verify aspects of the opie library. To issue a challenge you pass the login name to opie_challenge it returns a string like otp-md5 2390 ra5690 ext. This is the challenge you pass on to whatever is communicating with you. In return you'll get a response from them with which you call opie_verify. opie_verify returns a 0 if it is the proper response to the challenge (they passed) and 1 otherwise (they failed).

opie is available from opie must be installed and set up on the box before this module is useful (though be aware that you might not want to do a straight install as opie replaces su and login).

When running the test you can use opiekey to generate a response to the challenge.


This module comes with no warranty either expressed or implied. I am not responsible for any damages that may result from the use of this module, including but not limited to monetary loss, mental distress, or general mayhem


Eric Estabrooks,, Copyright 2000,2001


perl(1) opiekey(1)