Authen::Perl::NTLM - Perl extension for NTLM related computations


use Authen::Perl::NTLM qw(nt_hash lm_hash);

    $my_pass = "mypassword";
    $client = new_client Authen::Perl::NTLM(lm_hash($my_pass), nt_hash($my_pass));

# To compose a NTLM Negotiate Packet $flags = Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_80000000 | Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_128 | Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_ALWAYS_SIGN | Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_OEM_DOMAIN_SUPPLIED | Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_OEM_WORKSTATION_SUPPLIED | Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_NTLM | Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_UNICODE | Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_OEM | Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_REQUEST_TARGET; $negotiate_msg = $client->negotiate_msg($flags);

# To instantiate a server to compose a NTLM challenge $server = new_server Authen::Perl::NTLM; $flags = Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_ALWAYS_SIGN | Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_NTLM | Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_REQUEST_INIT_RESPONSE | Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_UNICODE | Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_REQUEST_TARGET; $challenge_msg = $server->challenge_msg($flags);

# client parse NTLM challenge ($domain, $flags, $nonce, $ctx_upper, $ctx_lower) = $client->parse_challenge($challenge_msg);

# To compose a NTLM Response Packet $flags = Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_ALWAYS_SIGN | Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_NTLM | Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_UNICODE | Authen::Perl::NTLM::NTLMSSP_REQUEST_TARGET; $auth_msg = $client->auth_msg($nonec, $flags);


The NTLM (Windows NT LAN Manager) authentication scheme is the authentication algorithm used by Microsoft.

NTLM authentication scheme is used in DCOM and HTTP environment. It is used to authenticate DCE RPC packets in DCOM. It is also used to authenticate HTTP packets to MS Web Proxy or MS Web Server.

Currently, it is the authentication scheme Internet Explorer chooses to authenticate itself to proxies/web servers that supports NTLM.

As of this version, NTLM module only provides the client side functions to calculate NT response and LM response. The next revision will provide the server side functions that computes the nonce and verify the NTLM responses.

This module was written without the knowledge of Mark Bush's (MARKBUSH) NTLM implementation. It was used by Yee Man Chan to implement a Perl DCOM client.


To use this module, please install the one of the following two sets of DES and MD4 modules:

1) Crypt::DES module by Dave Paris (DPARIS) and Digest::MD4 module by Mike McCauley (MIKEM) first. These two modules are implemented in C.

2) Crypt::DES_PP module by Guido Flohr (GUIDO) and Digest::Perl::MD4 module by Ted Anderson (OTAKA). These two modules are implemented in Perl.

The first set of modules will be preferred by NTLM because they are supposedly faster.


1) A function to parse NTLM negotiation packet for DCE RPC.

2) A function to parse NTLM response packet for DCE RPC.

3) A function to compute session key for DCE RPC.

4) Implement the module in C.


Nothing known.


This implementation was written by Yee Man Chan ( Copyright (c) 2002 Yee Man Chan. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Digest::MD4(3), Crypt::DES(3), perl(1), m4(1).