AxKit2::Connection - The client/connection side class.


This class implements a single connection to the AxKit server.

It is a subclass of Danga::Socket. See Danga::Socket for the APIs available to this class.



Return the uptime for this connection in seconds (fractional)


Returns true if this connection is "paused".


Suspend reading from this client.


Continue reading from this client. This is stacked, so two calls to pause_read and one call to continue_read will not result in a continue.

These two calls are mainly used internally for continuations and 99.9% of the time you should not be calling them.


Retrieve the current config object for this request. Note that this may return a different config object in different phases of the request because the config object can be dependant on the URI.

$obj->notes( KEY [, VALUE ] )

Get/Set a custom key/value pair for this connection.

$obj->headers_out( [ NEW_HEADERS ] )

Get/set the response header object.

See AxKit2::HTTPHeaders.


Get the request header object.

See AxKit2::HTTPHeaders.

$obj->param( ARGS )

A shortcut for $obj->headers_in->param( ARGS ). See AxKit2::HTTPHeaders for details.


Send the response headers to the browser.