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BW::Include - Included File Processing


  use BW::Include;

  $pf = new BW::Include;

  $pf = new BW::Include($filename);

  $pf = new BW::Include(DIR => $absolutepath)

  $pf = new BW::Include({
                   DIR => $absolutepath, 
                   FILENAME => $filename


Include perl objects in external files for processing the output of CGI and other perl programs.



The spf method reads a file, performs the appropriate replacements, and returns the result. The file named in $filename is used, if provided.


The pf method calls spf and sends the result to STDOUT. The file named in $filename is used, if provided.

sps string

Performs replacements on a string instead of a file. Returns the results as a string.

   $pf->var($name, $value);

The var method sets or gets the value of a named variable. The variables are stored in a hash associated with the BW::Include object. If there is a value passed, the method sets the variable. The method always returns the value, if any.


Object values can be specified in the initiation of the BW::Include object in several ways:

   $pf = new BW::Include($filename);

If the new constructor is called with a single scalar argument, it is used for the default filename.

   $pf = new BW::Include(DIR => $path, FILENAME => $filename);

If the new constructor is called with several arguments, they are taken to be hash name/value pairs. These are used as object data variables (see below).

   $pf = new BW::Include( { DIR => $path, FILENAME => $filename } );

Alternately the new constructor may be called with a hash reverence, which will be used for object data variables (see below).

The object data variables are used as follows:


The filesystem name of the file to be included.


An optional directory where the filename will be read from. This is useful for putting all of your HTML files in one place. You can specify relative directories from this base in your filenames. For example:

   $pf = new BW::Include ( DIRECTORY => "/home/you/htmlfiles" );

   $pf->pf( "subdirectory/admin.html" );

That will use /home/you/htmlfiles/subdirectory/admin.html as the file to be included.


Variable Replacement

Including External CGI Programs

mod_inclue Emulation

File Location


Written by Bill Weinman <>.


Copyright (c) 1995-2010 The BearHeart Group, LLC


    2010-03-11 bw -- 1.0.2  -- fixed small POD typo
    2010-02-02 bw -- 1.0.1  -- first CPAN version - some cleanup and documenting

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