BW::XML::HTML - Simple X/HTML output


  use BW::XML::HTML;
  my $errstr;

  my $x = BW::XML::HTML->new;
  error($errstr) if (($errstr = $x->error));


In the methods that have an "attribs" paramater, it is an arrayref of attributes as used by BW::XML::Out::element.

This is an incomplete subset of HTML/XHTML. It's mostly form elements and not even all of those. I may finish it someday, but it's like this for now because I tend to use templates for most XHMTL.


Constructs a new object . . .

select( select_name, select_content, attribs )

Returns a select element.

select_content is an arrayref of hashrefs. Each hashref has three keys:

    * text
    * value
    * selected
link( uri, text, attribs )

Returns an anchor element.

input( type, name, value, attribs )

Returns an input element.

hidden( name, value, attribs )

Returns a hidden field element.

submit( name, value, attribs )

Returns a submit button element.


Written by Bill Weinman <>.


Copyright (c) 1995-2010 The BearHeart Group, LLC


    2010-03-11 bw 1.5.1 -- released to CPAN as part of BW-Lib
    2009-12-21 bw 1.4   -- added some methods
    2008-04-12 bw 1.0   -- initial release