Mike Jewell


Biblio::Citation::Parser::Citebase - Citebase's citation parsing module


This module is an updated (and hopefully improved) version of Zhuoan Jiao's citation-parsing modules.


        use Biblio::Citation::Parser::Citebase;
        $parser = new Biblio::Citation::Parser::Citebase([$source_identifier]);
        $metadata = $parser->parse($citation);
        print "Author: ", $metadata->{aufirst}, " ", $metadata->{aulast}, "\n";
$p = new Biblio::Citation::Parser::Citebase([$citation],[$source_identifier]);

Create a new citation parser, optionally parsing $citation with $source_identifier. If a citation is given the return blessed hash will contain the structured data.

$md = $p->parse($citation, [$source_identifier]);

Parses a string, $citation, and returns a blessed hash of the structured data.

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