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  my $is = Bio::JBrowse::Store::NCList::IntervalStore->new({
               urlTemplate => "lf-{Chunk}.jsonz",
  my $chunkBytes = 80_000;
  $is->startLoad( $measure, $chunkBytes );
  $is->addSorted([10, 100, -1])
  $is->addSorted([50, 80, 1])
  $is->addSorted([90, 150, -1])
  $is->overlap(60, 85)

  => ([10, 100, -1], [50, 80, 1])


Bio::JBrowse::Store::NCList::IntervalStore - stores a set of intervals (genomic features) in an on-disk lazy nested-containment list



 Title   : new
 Usage   : Bio:JBrowse::Store::NCList::IntervalStore->new(
               arrayRepr => {attributes => ["start", "end", "strand"]},
 Function: create a new store
 Returns : an Bio::JBrowse::Store::NCList::IntervalStore object
 Args    : The Bio::JBrowse::Store::NCList::IntervalStore constuctor accepts the named parameters:
           store: optional object with put(path, data) method, will be used to output
                  feature data
           compress: if true, attempt to compress the data on disk
           arrayRepr: Bio::JBrowse::Store::NCList::ArrayRepr object used to represent the feature data
           urlTemplate (optional): template for URLs where chunks of feature
                                   data will be stored.  This is relative to
                                   the directory with the "trackData.json" file
           nclist (optional): the root of the nclist
           count (optional): the number of intervals in this Bio::JBrowse::Store::NCList::IntervalStore
           minStart (optional): the earliest interval start point
           maxEnd (optional): the latest interval end point

           If this Bio::JBrowse::Store::NCList::IntervalStore hasn't been loaded yet, the optional
           parameters aren't necessary.  But to access a previously-loaded
           Bio::JBrowse::Store::NCList::IntervalStore, the optional parameters *are* needed.

startLoad( $measure, $chunkBytes )

addSorted( \@feature )


overlapCallback( $from, $to, \&func )

Calls the given function once for each of the intervals that overlap the given interval if <$from <= $to>, iterates left-to-right, otherwise iterates right-to-left.


 Title   : descriptor
 Usage   : $list->descriptor
 Returns : a hash containing the data needed to re-construct this
           Bio::JBrowse::Store::NCList::IntervalStore, including the
           root of the NCList plus some metadata and configuration.
           The return value can be passed to the constructor later.


Mitchell Skinner <>

Copyright (c) 2007-2011 The Evolutionary Software Foundation

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Robert Buels <>


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