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 Title   : new
 Usage   : Bio::JBrowse::Store::NCList::LazyNCList->new(
               $attrs, $lazyClass, $makeLazy,
               $measure, $output, $sizeThresh
 Function: create a LazyNCList
 Returns : an LazyNCList object
 Args    : $attrs is a reference to an ArrayRepr instance
           $lazyClass is the class number to be used for 'lazy'
              NCLists, which are references to sub-lists,
           $makeLazy is a reference to a sub taking the arguments
              (start, end, ID), which returns a "lazy feature" with the
              given attributes
           $loadChunk is a subroutine that takes a chunk ID number and returns the contents of that chunk (
           $measure is a reference to a sub that takes a feature to be
              output, and returns the number of bytes that feature will
              take up in the output
           $output is a reference to a sub that, given a chunk ID and some data,
              will output that data under that chunk ID
           $sizeThresh is the target chunk size


 Title   : addSorted
 Usage   : $ncl->addSorted($feat)
 Function: Adds a single feature to the set of features in this LazyNCList;
           features passed to this method are accumulated into "chunks";
           once a chunk grows to sizeThresh, the chunk is output.
           The features given to addSorted must be sorted by the NCList sort.
 Returns : nothing meaningful
 Args    : $feat is the feature to be added;


 Title   : finish
 Usage   : $ncl->finish()
 Function: Once all features have been added (through addSorted),
           call "finish" to flush all of the partial chunks.
           After calling finish, you can access the "topLevelList" property.
 Returns : nothing

overlapCallback( $from, $to, \&func )

Calls the given function once for each of the intervals that overlap the given interval if <$from <= $to>, iterates left-to-right, otherwise iterates right-to-left.


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