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Bio::Phylo::Parsers::Phyloxml - Parser used by Bio::Phylo::IO, no serviceable parts inside


This module parses phyloxml data. It is called by the Bio::Phylo::IO facade, don't call it directly. In addition to parsing from files, handles or strings (which are specified by the -file, -handle and -string arguments) this parser can also parse xml directly from a url (-url => $phylows_output), provided you have LWP installed.


There is a mailing list at!forum/bio-phylo for any user or developer questions and discussions.


The phyloxml parser is called by the Bio::Phylo::IO object. Look there to learn how to parse phyloxml (or any other data Bio::Phylo supports).


Also see the manual: Bio::Phylo::Manual and

For more information about the phyloxml data standard, visit


If you use Bio::Phylo in published research, please cite it:

Rutger A Vos, Jason Caravas, Klaas Hartmann, Mark A Jensen and Chase Miller, 2011. Bio::Phylo - phyloinformatic analysis using Perl. BMC Bioinformatics 12:63.