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Bio::Phylo::Unparsers::Cdao - Serializer used by Bio::Phylo::IO, no serviceable parts inside


This module generates an RDF representation of a Bio::Phylo::Project object, using terms from the CDAO ontology: http://www.evolutionaryontology.org/cdao.

The module depends on the xsltproc utility being present in the PATH of your system: http://xmlsoft.org/XSLT/xsltproc2.html. If your xsltproc is in a different location, you can optionally specify it with the -xsltproc => (path) argument to the unparse() call.

Unless an additional -xslt => (file|url) argument is passed to the unparse() call, xsltproc will try to download the stylesheet that transforms NeXML to RDF from this location: http://nexml.org/nexml/xslt/nexml2cdao.xsl. This means that, if you don't give the -xslt argument, your computer must be connected to the internet.


There is a mailing list at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/bio-phylo for any user or developer questions and discussions.


The cdao unparser is called by the Bio::Phylo::IO object. Look there to learn how to create phylip formatted files.


Also see the manual: Bio::Phylo::Manual and http://rutgervos.blogspot.com.


If you use Bio::Phylo in published research, please cite it:

Rutger A Vos, Jason Caravas, Klaas Hartmann, Mark A Jensen and Chase Miller, 2011. Bio::Phylo - phyloinformatic analysis using Perl. BMC Bioinformatics 12:63. http://dx.doi.org/10.1186/1471-2105-12-63