Bio::RNA::BarMap::Mapping::FileMappingEntry - stores information about which Barriers file is mapped to which other Barriers file.


    use v5.12;                              # for 'say'
    use Bio::RNA::BarMap;

    my $file_mapping = Bio::RNA::BarMap::Mapping::FileMappingEntry->new(
        name => '',
        to   => '',
        from => undef,

    say 'File ', $file_mapping->name, ' is mapped to ', $file_mapping->to;


Internally used mini-class to store information about which Barriers is mapped to another. Stores both directions (mapped from, mapped to). The to and from attributes may be undefined for the first and last file.


Felix Kuehnl, <felix at>


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You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc Bio::RNA::BarMap

You can also look for information at the official BarMap website:


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