Bio::RNA::BarMap::Mapping::MinMappingEntry - Store BarMap mappings of a single minimum.


    use v5.12;              # for 'say()' and '//' a.k.a. logical defined-or
    use Bio::RNA::BarMap;

    my $entry = Bio::RNA::BarMap::Mapping::MinMappingEntry->new(
        index   => 3,               # of minimum of this entry
        to      => $to_min,         # the mininimum this one is mapped to

    # Query the entry.
    if ($entry->has_to) {           # maps to something
        say 'This minimum maps ',
            $entry->$to_type->is_exact ? 'exactly' : 'approximately',
            ' to minimum ', $entry->to->index;

    $entry->add_from($from_min_1, $from_min_2);     # add mins mapping to self
    say "Minima mapped to this minimum:",
    join q{, }, map {$_->index $entry->get_from();


Internal class used to store the mapping of a single minimum. Both the forward direction ("target minimum", to()) and the reverse direction ("source minima", get_from()) are provided. While the target minimum is unique, but not necessarily defined (cf. has_to()), there may be zero to many source minima, and so these are stored in a set internally. Use add_from() to add to this set.


Bio::RNA::BarMap::Mapping::MinMappingEntry->new(arg_name => $arg_val, ...)

Constructor of the mapping entry class.

Supported arguments:

Required. Index of the minimum described by this entry.


Optional. Reference to mapping entry object describing the minimum that this minimum is mapped to.


To add source minima (i. e. minima that are mapped to this minimum), use the method add_from() instead.


Index of the minimum this entry is representing.


Type of the "to" mapping, either exact or approximate. Object of type Bio::RNA::BarMap::Mapping::Type.


Returns the entry this minimum is being mapped to. May be undef.


Sets the to attribute to point to $to_min_entry.


Adds entries to the set of source minima, i. e. those that are mapped to this minimum. This method makes sure that the stored references are properly weakened and no memory leaks arise.


Returns the entries of minima that are mapped to this minimum, as stored in the source minima set.


Felix Kuehnl, <felix at>


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You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc Bio::RNA::BarMap

You can also look for information at the official BarMap website:


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