Author image Víctor A. Rodríguez
and 1 contributors


Blosxom::Publish - Publish stories in a Blosxom aware blog


This document describes Blosxom::Publish v0.0.alpha


 my $blosxom = Blosxom::Publish->new( server => '' )
    || die ( "Can't instantiate Blosxom::Publish" );
 $blosxom->login( user => $user, password => $pwd )
    || die("Can't login to Blosxom server : " . $blosxom->errMsg );

 ## load the file path containing the story in $storyPath, giving that
 ## 1) destination filename (the one in the Blosxom site) corresponds to
 ## the name of the file in which the story will be stored and 
 ## 2) $category to the story category
 my $storyPath = '/home/bit-man/firstPost.txt';
 my $category = '/Misc/test';
 my $filename = 'newPost.txt';

 ## The story will be read from the local file  
 ## '/home/bit-man/firstPost.txt' and published under the category 
 ## '/Misc/test' in Blosxom, using the filename 'newPost.txt'
 $blosxom->publish( $filename, $category, $storyPath  )
      || die "Cannot publish story : " . $blosxom->errMsg;



Blosxom (pronounced "blossom") is a lightweight yet feature-packed weblog application designed from the ground up with simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind.

This module allows the entries publishing in Blosxom aware blogs where the entries can be accessed using the FTP protocol. In the future more mthods will be used.


All methods return 1 on success or 0 in failure, and in such case the method errMsg() returns an error description in English language, and errNumber() returns the corresponding error number in case you don't want to print the description in English of the error


Create a new Blosxom::Publish object.


  • server (mandatory)

    specifies the FTP server to access the Blosxom files

  • base

    folder containing the stories. If not specified then '/blosxom/plugins' is assumed as the base location for Blosxom posts

  • category (mandatory)

    category where to pulish the enrty to

  • ext

    filename extension (a.k.a ending part) for Blosxom published files. (default .txt)

  • debug

    set the flag to allow printing of debug messages (no implemented yet)


Logins to the server where Blosxom is hosted


  • user

    mandatory option that specifies the user to connect to the server

  • password

    mandatory option that specifies the password to connect to the server

These options refer not to the Blosxom user/password (in case you have it password protected) but to the ones to access the server using FTP. Commonly the same one your hoster gives you tu upload your HTML or CGI files


Publishes the given story


  • filename

    mandatory option that specifies the remote story filename in the Blosxom site. WARNING: if the file exists in the given category it will be overwriten

  • category

    mandatory option that specifies the Blosxom category for the new story

  • filePath

    mandatory option that specifies the local file path where the story is located


Ends the publishing process


Returns the last error message in English language. Will return an empty string if the last operation ended successfuly


Returns the last error number. Will return zero if the last operation ended successfuly