BokkaKumiai - Music Chord Progression Analysis Module, with writing Guitar Tabs methods.

SYNOPSIS #Pachelbel's Canon's Guitar Tab in C. use BokkaKumiai; my $cp = BokkaKumiai->new( 'key' => 'C', 'time' => '4/4', 'beat' => 4, 'pattern' => 'pachelbel', #- 'Pachelbel's Canon' 'bars_by_one_row' => 2, ); $cp->mk_chord_progress; $cp->print_chord_progress; $cp->guitar_tab;

    #Jackson5 "I want You Back " Guitar Tab in Ab.
    use BokkaKumiai;
    my $cp = BokkaKumiai->new(
        'key' => 'Ab',
        'time' => '8/8',
        'beat' => 16, 
        'pattern' => 'iwantyouback',
        'tension' => 2,
        'bars_by_one_row' => 2,


My dream is to make "Intelligent Music DataBase System", which has Chord Progression DB and analyze music making techniques easily to bring up new talents in the future. BokkaKumiai is made to analyze Music Chord Progression.

Give BokkaKumiai, key(ex. C, Am.. ), time(4/4, 8/8, 3/4 etc..) and beat(4beat, 8beat, etc..), and define chord progression pattern, you will get guitar tab sample, automatically!!

This version is ALPHAAA version, I'm developing in now, so forgive some bugs and tell me please!!



thanks to Bokka Kumiai readers.



This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, Musicians and JASRAC!