Bot::Pastebot::TextTemplate - Text::Template glue code


version 0.600


This module is an interface between Bot::Pastebot and Text::Template. It provides simple methods for processing templates and retrieving errors. If you wish to implement your own template class for pastebot to use you will need to adhere to the same interface outlined in this documentation.


The only means pastebot uses to access the interface module is by calling methods. No attributes are required, and even the type of reference you bless is irrelevant. Except for new(), whenever an error is encountered these methods return undef and set an internal error variable, retrieved via the error() method documented below.

There are only three methods pastebot calls:


This is responsible for creating and returning an object, obviously. If your templating engine requires expensive initialization it would be best to put it here. This method is called once per configured web-server on startup, and the resulting object is stored for later process calls.

This method should simply die if it encounters an error it can't recover from.

$object->process($filehandle, $vars_hashref)

This method is called whenever a template needs to be processed. The first argument is an open filehandle to the template file. The second argument is a hashref of variables specific to the template file being processed, and may be empty. It returns the processed content.


This method is called whenever an error is encountered. It returns an error message.