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Brackup::Target::Gmail - a GMail target to Brackup


See Brackup for a details


This is completely alpha software. It hasn't even been tested properly.

It will almost certainly destroy all your data then come round your house, empty any the bags of flour all over the kitchen, kick in your TV, scratch the screen of your iPod Nano, get jam fingerprints on your favourite limited edition "Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies" CDs and then urinate in your laundry basket.

In fact, to paraphrase Neal Stephenson: Unless you are as smart as Johann Karl Friedrich Gauss, savvy as a half-blind Calcutta bootblack, tough as General William Tecumseh Sherman, rich as the Queen of England, emotionally resilient as a Red Sox fan, and as generally able to take care of yourself as the average nuclear submarine commander, you should never have been allowed near this module. Please dispose of it as you would any piece of high-level radioactive waste and then arrange with a qualified surgeon to amputate your arms at the elbows and gouge your eyes from their sockets.

If you ignore this warning, read on at your peril -- you are dead certain to lose everything you've got and live out your final decades beating back waves of termites in a Mississippi Delta leper colony.


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Copyright 2006, Simon Wistow

Distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.