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Bundle::DadaMail - CPAN Bundle for CPAN modules require to run Dada Mail


        perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::DadaMail'

or similar CPAN module installer method


Bundle::DadaMail is a CPAN Bundle of all CPAN modules required to run Dada Mail.

Some modules are shipped with the app itself. These modules are for the most part Pure Perl. You may not want to use the included perllib, so we suggest installing Bundle::DadaMail instead and letting your usual perl sys admin tools handle things in whatever way you do that.

Those modules are listed in, Bundle::DadaMail::IncludedInDistribution. Installing this module will also install that bundle.

There are also optional modules that Dada Mail can utilize to extend its functionality. They are listed in, Bundle::DadaMailXXL and installing Bundle::DadaMailXXL will install the two bundles already mentioned.

Backend Details

Dada Mail supports running using SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL. This bundle only asks to install DBD::SQLite. If you would like to run Dada Mail under a different backend, you will need to install those drivers separately.

See Also





JSON - actually required for Dada Mail - Pure Perl version included, but you probably want to use a faster version