Bundle::FinalTest2 - Perl extension for blah blah blah


  use Bundle::FinalTest2;
  blah blah blah


Stub documentation for Bundle::FinalTest2, created by h2xs. It looks like the author of the extension was negligent enough to leave the stub unedited.

CONTENTS AnyDBM_File Attribute::Handlers BerkeleyDB Class::Data::Inheritable Class::Singleton Compress::Raw::Bzip2 Compress::Raw::Zlib Crypt::OpenSSL::Random Crypt::RC4 Data::Dump Date::Format Date::Parse DB_File Digest::SHA Encode Exporter FCGI File::Grep File::Stat::Bits Filter::Util::Call GD GD::Text Geography::Countries Geo::IP Getopt::Std HTML::HTMLDoc HTML::Tagset Image::Magick integer IO::Dir IO::File IO::Scalar IO::Socket::INET IO::Stringy Locale::Maketext::Simple LWP::MediaTypes Math::Round MD5 MIME::Base64 MIME::QuotedPrint MLDBM::Sync mod_perl2 Net::CIDR::Lite Net::Domain Net::FTP Net::IP Net::Ping Number::Compare OLE::Storage_Lite Pod::Escapes Probe::Perl Scalar::Util::Numeric Storable String::CRC32 Sys::Hostname::Long Term::ReadKey Term::ReadLine Test Test::Harness Test::Inter Text::Wrap Tie::Cache Time::Local Time::Piece warnings

Digest::Perl::MD5 Encode::Locale ExtUtils::Install File::Path File::Slurp HTTP::Date IP::Country Test::Builder Test::More Test::Simple Text::Abbrev Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA Digest::base

Algorithm::C3 AppConfig base Devel::Symdump Email::Date::Format File::Listing File::Type GD::Graph GD::SecurityImage IO::Pty JSON JSON::PP List::MoreUtils List::Util MIME::Types MLDBM Module::CoreList Module::Load NetAddr::IP Package::Constants Params::Check parent Pod::Find Pod::Simple Pod::Usage Scalar::Util String::Approx Sub::Uplevel Test::Tester Text::Balanced Text::Glob Time::HiRes Try::Tiny URI URI::Escape XSLoader Digest::SHA1 Compress::Bzip2

Class::Accessor Compress::Zlib Cwd Error File::Find::Rule File::Spec File::Spec::Functions Getopt::Long HTML::Parser IO::Compress::Base IO::Compress::Bzip2 IO::Compress::Gzip IO::Uncompress::Inflate IPC::Run IPC::Run3 MIME::Lite Pod::Coverage Test::Exception Test::Fatal Test::NoWarnings Test::Pod WWW::RobotRules Digest::MD5 Email::Simple

CGI Config::General CPAN::Meta::YAML Data::Compare Devel::StackTrace File::Temp IO::Zlib Mail::Internet Module::Info Module::Pluggable Net::HTTP Pod::Man Test::Pod::Coverage Test::Deep Carp::Clan Digest::StackTrace Digest::HMAC Digest::HMAC_MD5 HTML::Template HTTP::Headers::Util HTTP::Status

Archive::Tar Archive::Zip HTTP::Tiny Perl::OSType Template version Apache::Session CGI::Session Bit::Vector Exception::Class ExtUtils::MakeMaker HTTP::Cookies HTTP::Daemon HTTP::Headers Test::Pod::Coverage

Module::Load::Conditional Module::Metadata Net::DNS Parse::RecDescent Version::Requirements Class::C3 Class::Load Date::Calc DBI HTTP::Negotiate MIME::Tools Parse::CPAN::Meta Test::Script XML::NamespaceSupport YAML YAML::Syck YAML::XS

CPAN::Meta Date::Manip DBD::Pg File::Which IPC::Cmd LWP LWP::UserAgent Module::Signature MRO::Compat Spreadsheet::WriteExcel XML::SAX

CPAN::Checksums Email::Abstract ExtUtils::CBuilder File::HomeDir XML Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Simple

Email::Date ExtUtils::ParseXS Spreadsheet::ParseExcel


CPAN HTML::Tree Image::Size Params::Validate

DateTime::Locale DateTime::Zone



None by default.


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Copyright (C) 2011 by root

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.10.1 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.