Bundle::OS2_default5 - DateBase Modules for OS/2 binary distribution


  perl -MCPAN -e "install Bundle::OS2_default5"

  perl_ -MCPAN -e "install Bundle::OS2_default5"


DBI - Core DBI support

# Bundle::DBD::CSV - Simple DBD interface (references DBD::CSV, which is misindexed)

Text::CSV_XS 0.14 - from Bundle::DBD::CSV

SQL::Statement 0.1006 - from Bundle::DBD::CSV

# DBD::CSV - from Bundle::DBD::CSV, misindexed due to backlevel 0.2002 to 0.1030

DBD::File - required for DBD::RAM, will fetch DBD::CSV too

DBD::RAM - Simple DBD interface

DBD::SQLite - Another server-less implementation