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Bundle::SDK::SIMON - CPAN Bundle for '10 Modules I Wouldn't Go Anywhere Without'


perl -MCPANPLUS -e 'install Bundle::SDK::SIMON'


Bundle::CPAN undef

Bundle::LWP undef

Mail::Send undef

MLDBM undef

Date::Calc undef

DBI undef

Data::Dumper undef

POE undef

File::Spec undef

XML::Simple undef


This bundle installs the 10 modules outlined in my popular "10 Modules I Wouldn't Go Anywhere Without" talk, given at TPC 5 and YAPC 2002. I'd highly recommend people who are beginning to use Perl modules to start with this essential set, which I consider to be a reasonable "Perl SDK".

The talk notes are included in this distribution as modules.pod


Simon Cozens,

Maintained by Alberto Simões

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