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Bundle::ToolSet - write-once ToolSet+Bundle hybrid


This module is a template to allow you to use a Bundle, which facilitates installation of a collection of modules, as a ToolSet... without maintaining two lists that may fall out of sync. As a side-effect the Bundle necessarily constitutes minimal documentation, though you're welcome to supply additional details such as tips & tricks or justification for the imposition of a pragma.


warnings - FATAL => all - sadistic coding practice

strict - subs vars - I want symbolic vars damnit!

diagnostics - + ick

Carp 1.02


To create your own ToolSet+Bundle, simply edit this POD and save the file under a different name. Specifically, to change what is installed/loaded, edit the "CONTENTS" section. You can then copy the Bundle to an arbitrary machine and use CPAN or CPANPLUS to "install" it i.e; fetch the modules specified.


In order to support the additional features of ToolSet, this module extends the usual syntax of "CONTENTS" which is usually:

  package<1> version?<2> (- comment)?<3>

It does so by prepending a phrase to the third field, or comment section of an entry to permit the specification of import options and a togglable delimiter which indicates the state of pragmas. The resulting entry structure is:

  package<1> version?<2> (-(import [+-])?<4> comment)?<3>

In addition, a restriction is imposed that no POD formatting codes be used in this section.

import, the 4th field, may currently be blank (\s*) or a list of items to import. Imagine this list is wrapped in a qw() that sees fat commas => as whitespace.

    The delimiter between the import options and comment toogles whether a pragma is on or off; + is equivalent to no and - to use. This is of course only meaningful for pragmas i.e; a purely lowercase package.


ToolSet, "Bundles" in CPAN, CPANPLUS


Jerrad Pierce <>


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The idea was inspired by

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