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Business::OnlinePayment::Beanstream - Beanstream backend for Business::OnlinePayment


  use Business::OnlinePayment;
  my $tr = Business::OnlinePayment->new('Beanstream'); 
    login          => '100200000',
    action         => 'Normal Authorization',
    amount         => '1.99',
    invoice_number => '56647',
    owner          => 'John Doe',
    card_number    => '312312312312345',
    expiration     => '1212',
    name           => 'Sam Shopper',
    address        => '123 Any Street',
    city           => 'Los Angeles',
    state          => 'CA',
    zip            => '23555',
    country        => 'US',
    phone          => '123-4567',
    email          => '',

  if ($tr->is_success){
    print "Card processed successfully: ".$tr->authorization."\n";
    print "Card processing was failed: ".$tr->error_message."\n";


This module allows you to link any e-commerce order processing system directly to Beanstream transaction server ( All transaction fields are submitted via GET or POST to the secure transaction server at the following URL: The following fields are required:

login - merchant login (Beanstream-assigned nine digit identification number)
action - type of transaction (Normal Authorization, Authorization Only)
amount - total order amount
invoice_number - the order number of the shopper's purchase
owner - name of the card owner
card_number - number of the credit card
expiration - expiration date formated as 'mmyy' or 'mm/yy'
name - name of the billing person
address - billing address
city - billing address city
state - billing address state/province
zip - billing address ZIP/postal code
country - billing address country
phone - billing contacts phone
email - billing contact's email

Beanstream supports the following credit card:

- MasterCard
- American Express Card
- Discover Card
- Diners

Currently you may process only two types of transaction, namely 'Normal Authorization' (Purchase) and 'Authorization Only' (Pre-Auth).

For detailed information about methods see Business::OnlinePayment