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Business::OnlinePayment::GlobalPayments - Global Transport backend for Business::OnlinePayment



  my $trans = new Business::OnlinePayment('GlobalPayments',
    domain => 'mymerchant' # Your account rep will supply this

Sale transaction

    login           => 'login',
    password        => 'password',
    type            => 'CC',
    card_number     => '5500000000000004',
    expiration      => '0211',
    cvv2            => '255',
    invoice_number  => '123321',
    first_name      => 'Joe',
    last_name       => 'Schmoe',
    address         => '123 Anystreet',
    city            => 'Sacramento',
    state           => 'CA',
    zip             => '95824',
    action          => 'normal authorization',
    amount          => '24.99'


  if($trans->is_approved) {
    print "Approved\n",
          "Authorization: ", $trans->authorization, "\n",
          "Order ID: ", $trans->order_number, "\n"
  else {
    print "Failed: ".$trans->error_message;

Void transaction (or Return (credit) for full amount of original sale)

    login           => 'login',
    password        => 'password',
    action          => 'void', # or 'credit' for a Return
    order_number    => '1001245',


The following transaction types are supported: Normal Authorization Authorization Only Post Authorization Credit Void

For Post Authorization, Credit, and Void, order_number should be set to the order_number of the previous transaction.

Alternately, Post Authorization can be sent with authorization set to an auth code obtained by telephone. Similarly, Credit can be sent with credit account information instead of an order_number.

By default, Global Transport will reject duplicate transactions (identical card number, expiration date, and amount) sent on the same day. This can be overridden by setting force_duplicate => 1.


Mark Wells <>


Support for commercial users is available from Freeside Internet Services, Inc. <>


Copyright 2009 Mark Wells, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.