CGI::AppBuilder::Net - Methods used for remote commands and network


    my $self = bless {}, "main";
    use CGI::AppBuilder::Net;
    $self->debug_level(2);   # set debug level to 2
    # The level 3 message will not be displayed
    $self->echo_msg("This is level 1 message.", 1);
    $self->echo_msg("This is level 2 message.", 2);
    $self->echo_msg("This is level 3 message.", 3);  


The package contains the modules can be used for executing UNIX commands or initiate network connections.

new (ifn => 'file.cfg', opt => 'hvS:')

This is a inherited method from CGI::AppBuilder. See the same method in CGI::AppBuilder for more details.

exec_cmd ($cmd, $pr)

Input variables:

  $cmd - a full unix command with paraemters and arguments
  $pr  - parameter hash ref
    remote_host - Remote host name or ip address
    local_host  - local host name or ip address
    remote_usr  - Remote user name
    remote_pwd  - Remote user password

Variables used or routines called:

  get_params - get values for multiple parameters

How to use:

  use CGI::AppBuilder::Net qw(:all);
  # Case 1: hosts are different and without id and password 
  my $cmd = "cat /my/dir/file.txt"; 
  my $pr = {datafax_host=>'dfsvr',local_host='svr2'};  
  my @a = $self->exec_cmd($cmd,$pr);   # uses rsh to run the cmd 

  # Case 2: different hosts with id and password 
  my $pr = {datafax_host=>'dfsvr',local_host='svr2',
     datafax_usr=>'fusr', datafax_pwd=>'pwd' };  
  my @a = $self->exec_cmd($cmd,$pr);   # uses rexec  

  # Case 3: hosts are the same and just open a file
  my $pr = {datafax_host=>'dfsvr',local_host='dfsvr'};  
  my $ar = $self->exec_cmd('/my/file.txt',$pr); # case 2:  

  # Case 4: hosts are the same and run a program
  my $pr = {datafax_host=>'dfsvr',local_host='dfsvr'};  
  my $ar = $self->exec_cmd('cat /my/file.txt',$pr); # case 2:  

Return: array or array ref

This method opens a file or runs a command and return the contents in array or array ref.


  • Version 0.10

    Extracted exec_cmd from DataFax::StudySubs.

  • Version 0.11

    No there yet.


  • no plan yet


Copyright (c) 2007 Hanming Tu. All rights reserved.

This package is free software and is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the Perl Artistic License (see