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CGI::AppBuilder::Table - Configuration initializer


  use CGI::AppBuilder::Table;

  my $ab = CGI::AppBuilder::Table->new(
     'ifn', 'my_init.cfg', 'opt', 'vhS:a:');
  my ($q, $ar, $ar_log) = $ab->start_app($0, \%ARGV);
  print $ab->disp_form($q, $ar); 


This class provides methods for reading and parsing configuration files.

new (ifn => 'file.cfg', opt => 'hvS:')

This is a inherited method from CGI::AppBuilder. See the same method in CGI::AppBuilder for more details.

html_table($arf, $cns, $br)

Input variables:

  $arf - array ref containing the content of the table
  $cns - column names separated by comma or
         AUTO|AH|HASH - use $k in AH Array ${$arf}[$i]{$k}
  $br  - hash array ref for table format, it contains
    css_table - CSS class name for <TABLE>
    atr_table - attribute parameters for <TABLE>
    css_tr    - CSS class name for <TR>
    atr_tr    - attribute parameters for <TR>
    atr_tr_odd  - attribute parameters for ODD <TR>
    atr_tr_even - attribute parameters for EVEN <TR>
    css_tr_odd  - CSS class name for ODD <TR>
    css_tr_even - CSS class name for EVEN <TR>
    css_select  - CSS class name for <SELECT ...>
    css_input   - CSS class name for <INPUT type=input ...>
    atr_sel   - attributes for itemized <SELECT ...> for instance:
        atr_sel = {
            var1 => 'style="display:none"',
            var2 => 'style="display:block"',
            var3 => 'class="FormSel"',
    atr_inp   - attributes for itemized <INPUT type=input ...>
    css_td    - CSS class name for <TD>
    atr_td    - attribute parameters for <TD>
    atr_cell  - an array ref to attribute parameters for each cell
    esc_vars  - a list of escaped variables separated by comma.
    fh_out    - output file handler
    cns_desc  - hash ref containing column name description
    tab_caption - table caption/header
    tab_footer  - table footer/notes
    cel_title - a hash ref storing title attribute for defined cells.
                You can define cells by the value stored in the cell
                or 'row:col'. 

Variables used or methods called:

    set_param - get parameter from a hash

How to use:

  my @a = (['ColA','ColB'],[1,2],[5,6],[7,8]);
  my $txt = $self->html_table(\@a);
  my @b = ({A=>1,B=>2},{A=>5,B=>6},{A=>7,B=>8});
  my $txt = $self->html_table(\@b,"",'A,B');
  my $txt = $self->html_table(\@b,"",'A,B');

Return: generates HTML Table codes.

This method convert all the < and > into &lt; and &gt; for displaying, except variables are specified in esc_vars.

html_tag ($tag, $pr, $txt, $is_end)

Input variables:

  $tag - HTML tag such as TR, TD, TABLE, SELECT, INPUT, etc.
  $pr  - tag attribute array ref. It contains three elements:
    class - CSS class name
    attr  - attribute string such as 'width=5 onChange=js_func'
    hr    - hash ref with key and value pairs
    pretty - whether to add line breaks 
  $txt - text to be incuded between the start and end tag such as
  $is_end - whether to add an ending tag such as </TD>

Variables used or methods called:


How to use:

  my $t1 = $self->html_tag('TD',{class=>'css_td'},'Text',1);
  # $t1 contains: 
  # <TD class='css_td'>Text</TD>
  my $t2 = $self->html_tag('TD',{class=>'td1',pretty=>1},'Text2',1);
  # $t2 contains: 
  # <TD class='td1'>
  #   Text2
  # </TD>
  my $t3 = $self->html_tag('TD',{class=>'td1',pretty=>1,
    attr=>'colspan=2 align=left',hr=>{onChange=>'js_func'}},
  # $t3 contains: 
  # <TD class='td1' colspan=2 align=left onChange='js_func'>
  #   Text2
  # </TD>

Return: HTML codes.

This method generates HTML codes based on the information provided.

table_column ($cn,$pr,$cr)

Input variables:

  $cn - column names separated by comma, or 
    array ref containing column names , or 
    hash ref containing column names as keys
  $pr  - tag attribute array ref. It contains the following items:
    css_tr   - TR class name 
    atr_tr   - TR attributes 
    css_td   - TD class name 
    atr_td   - TD attributes 
    pretty   - whether to add line breaks 
    atr_cell - Cell attribute 
  $cr  - column description hash ref $cr->{$k}{$itm} 
    where $k is column name and the items ($itm) are : 
    desc     - column description
    name     - display name

Variables used or methods called:

  html_tag - generate HTML tags

How to use:

  my $cn = 'seq,fn,ln'; 
  my $pr = {css_tr=>'tr_pretty',css_td=>'td_small',pretty=>1};
  my $cr = {seq=>{name=>'Seq No',desc=>'Sequential number'},
            fn =>{name=>'First Name',desc=>'First name'},
            ln =>{name=>'Last Name',desc=>'Last name/family name'},
  my $t = $self->table_column($cn,$pr,$cr);

Return: HTML codes.

This method generates HTML codes for table header row (TH) based on the information provided.


  • Version 0.10

    This version extracts the disp_form method from CGI::Getopt class.

      0.11 Inherited the new constructor from CGI::AppBuilder.
      0.12 Added html_tag and table_column functions 
           Modified html_table to use html_tag and table_column
  • Version 0.20

SEE ALSO (some of docs that I check often)

Oracle::Loader, Oracle::Trigger, CGI::Getopt, File::Xcopy, CGI::AppBuilder, CGI::AppBuilder::Message, CGI::AppBuilder::Log, CGI::AppBuilder::Config, etc.


Copyright (c) 2005 Hanming Tu. All rights reserved.

This package is free software and is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the Perl Artistic License (see

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