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CGI::Bus::Base - Base class for CGI::Bus subobjects


 use CGI::Bus::Base;
 use vars qw(@ISA);
 @ISA =qw(CGI::Bus::Base);


This module provides common to all CGI::Bus subobject classes properties and functionality.



Contains parent application object reference. Is cached by parent.



Delegate method call given to parent object. All parent object's methods may be used as a subobject methods.

cgi () -> CGI CGI::Bus subobject

CGI subobject of parent CGI::Bus object, optimising AUTOLOADing

class () -> class name

Class name of the object.

classt () -> subclass name

The last part of the class name of the object.


Deletes self 'CGI::Bus' slot.

htmlescape ( args ) -> escaped

Parent CGI::Bus object's htmlescape call, optimising AUTOLOADing

initialize (?-slot => value)

Initialize new object slots, used within new.

new -> new object
new ( -slot => value...) -> new object

Create new object. See also set

param (?args) -> CGI CGI::Bus subobject param call

CGI subobject of parent CGI::Bus object param call, optimising AUTOLOADing

parent () -> superobject

Returns parent CGI::Bus application object. It is cached in 'CGI::Bus' slot and calculated if needed.

Parent CGI::Bus object print call, optimising AUTOLOADing

qparam (?args) -> CGI::Bus qparam call

Parent CGI::Bus object qparam call, optimising AUTOLOADing

set (-slot) -> value
set (-slot=>value,...) -> object

Retrieve or set object slots. See also new.

urlescape ( args ) -> escaped

Parent CGI::Bus object's urlescape call, optimising AUTOLOADing


15/10/2001 - 08/11/2001 - 30/01/2002

Implemented and Documented. 25/01/2002 cgi, param, print, qparam methods added to optimise AUTOLOADing; 30/01/2002 classt, htmlescape, urlescape added also.


Andrew V Makarow <makarow at>

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