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CGI::Bus::udata - User Data Store


 use CGI::Bus;
 $s =CGI::Bus->new();


This module is a user data store. Uses filesystem, CGI::Bus::fut, CGI::Bus::file. See CGI::Bus::Base for inherited slots and methods.



User data hash ref. Should be used via param calls.


User data joined hash ref. Should be used via paramj calls.


User data file CGI::Bus::file object. Used internally.


Subdirectories size to split key value (username) to, or splitter sub{}. 0 - do not split, default.


Path to users directories. Default is tpath('udata')


The most commonly used are param, paramj, store.

keyfile (key, ?filename) -> key file object

Returns CGI::Bus::file object for key (username) given.

keypath (key, ?filename) -> key filesystem path

Filesystem path for key (username) given.

load () -> self

Load current user data with CGI::Bus::file dumpload call. Automatically called within param and paramj calls if needed.

param () -> user data hash ref
param (slot) -> value
param (slot => value,...) -> self

Access to user data hash ref. Automatically calls load if needed.

paramj () -> user data joined hash ref
paramj (slot) -> value

Like param calls, but for joined data of user and groups this user belongs to.

store () -> self
store (slot => value,...) -> self

Store current user data with CGI::Bus::file dumpstore call

uglist () -> [users and groups list]

Generate list of users and groups data exists for. Is used by CGI::Bus::uauth when application user authentication

unload () -> self

Unload current user data, init object buffer to automatically load data if needed


01/01/2002 - 31/01/2002


Implemented and Documented.




Andrew V Makarow <makarow at>

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