CGI::MxScreen::HTML - various HTML utility routines


 use CGI::MxScreen::HTML;

 # Colours
 print p("Those are ".red("red words"));

 # Extra HTML tags
 print center(
         flash("flashing") . " and " . blink("blinking") . " centered words"

 # HTML escapes
 my $escaped = escape_HTML("This & that <will> show");
 print "<p>$escaped</p>";
 my $str = unescape_HTML($escaped);


This package holds various utility routines taken out of Tom Christiansen's MxScreen program (a "graphical" front-end to his Magic: The Gathering database) which greatly inspired this framework.


Those routines simply emit text within enclosing HTML tags. The following color routines are defined:

 red yellow orange green blue purple violet magenta cyan

For instance:

    print p(big(strong(red("WARNING:"))));

would print a big boldface (usually) WARNING: in red.

Non-portable HTML tags

The following routine add non-portable HTML tags that were introduced by Netscape. I don't recommend their use, but if you can't avoid it, they are:

 flash blink center

For instance:

        print center(h1("Title"));

would print a level-1 header centered.

HTML escaping

Two routines, escape_HTML() and unescape_HTML() perform basic HTML quoting and un-quoting. By basic, I mean they only take care of escaping (and repectively unescaping) the "&", "<" and ">" characters. The quote character (") is also escaped as "&quot;".


Tom Christiansen <> within his MxScreen program.

Raphael Manfredi <> for the repackaging within the CGI::MxScreen framework.

Send bug reports, suggestions, problems or questions to Jason Purdy <Jason@Purdy.INFO>