CGI::MxScreen::Session::Medium::Browser - Browser session medium


 # Not meant to be used directly


This saves the session within the browser, and therefore does not require any storage on the server side, compared to other session media.

The context is serialized within a hidden parameter, along with an MD5 checksum. The whole thing is encrypted with Crypt::CBC(Blowfish) to prevent accidental user peeking and/or tampering.

The creation routine takes the following mandatory argument:

-key => string

The encryption key to protect the context.

You can configure this session medium in the configuration file by saying:

    $mx_medium = ["+Browser", -key => "your own protection key"];

You can further say:

    $mx_serializer = ["+Storable", -compress => 1];

to store sessions in compressed forms, which will reduce network traffic at the cost of non-negligeable CPU overhead on the server. Your call.

See CGI::MxScreen::Config for details.


Raphael Manfredi <>


CGI::MxScreen::Session::Medium::File(3), CGI::MxScreen::Session::Medium::Raw_File(3).