CGI::MxScreen::Tie::Buffered_Output - Buferring of screen outputs


 # Not meant to be used directly


This class is used to tie STDOUT from within CGI::MxScreen, provided the configuration variable $mx_buffer_stdout is true: see CGI::MxScreen::Config.

The advantages of buffering STDOUT are:

  • The context indication is emitted before any other screen output. This prevents users from interacting with the form until everything has been received, or at least until the context is there.

  • On fatal errors, we can properly discard the screen output and emit the error page.

  • On screen bounces, we can properly discard any spurious output made before the bounce() call. See CGI::MxScreen::Screen.

  • One day, we'll be able to automatically remove accentuated letters and replace them with their entity escape sequence.

The disadvantages are that there is a slight overhead due to tbe memory buffering, and also that more memory is needed for the process to run.


Raphael Manfredi <>