CGI::Session::ID::MD5_Base32 - CGI::Session ID driver based on Base32 encoding


    use CGI::Session;

    $session = new CGI::Session("id:MD5_Base32", undef, { Directory => '/tmp' };


CGI::Session::ID::MD5_Base32 is to generate MD5 digest Base32 encoded random ids. The library does not require any arguments.

 There are two reasons why to use it
  - shorter string result
  - case insensibility

( both very usefull for user login and other similar purposes, keyboard inputs, email contained codes, etc... )


Copyright (C) 2003 Daniel Peder. All rights reserved.

This library is free software. You can modify and distribute it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Partialy based on CGI::Session::ID::MD5 and the whole excelent CGI::Session work by

Sherzod Ruzmetov <>


Daniel Peder <>

Feedbacks, suggestions and patches are welcome.


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