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CGI::Session::SQLite - CGI::Session driver for SQLite


    use CGI::Session::SQLite
    $session = new CGI::Session("driver:SQLite", undef, {...});

For more examples, consult CGI::Session manual


CGI::Session::SQLite is a CGI::Session driver utilizing the SQLite DBMS. To write your own drivers for CGI::Session refer to the CGI::Session manual.


To store session data in SQLite database, you first need to create a suitable table for it with the following command:

    CREATE TABLE sessions (
        id CHAR(32) NOT NULL UNIQUE,
        a_session TEXT NOT NULL

You can also add any number of additional columns to the table, but the above "id" and "a_session" are required.

If you want to store the session data in other table than "sessions", before creating the session object you need to set the special variable $CGI::Session::SQLite::TABLE_NAME to the name of the table:

    use CGI::Session;
    $CGI::Session::SQLite::TABLE_NAME = 'my_sessions';
    $session = new CGI::Session("driver:SQLite", undef, {Handle=>$dbh});


Copyright (C) 2004 Brian Moyles <>. All rights reserved.

This library is free software and can be modified and distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.


Brian Moyles <>