CGI::Shorten - Creating your shortened links


This module may help you to build a personal shortening-link service. Feeding the long, verbose, and tedious url, it can return you a shortened one. And it can also print out redirection header in you CGI script.


  use CGI::Shorten;


  $sh = new CGI::Shorten (
                          db_prefix => ".shorten_",
                          script_url => '',

You need to specify the prefix of databases to the constructor and may specify the url of the script that does the shortening task. The script's url defaults to ''

Return the shortened url

  print $sh->shorten($url);

return the original url

  print $sh->lengthen($url);

return the CGI redirection header

  print $sh->redirect($url);

If the redirected url does not exist, it will return 404 Not Found.


xern <>

This module is free software; you can redistribute it or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.