CGI::Widget::Series - Class for making CGI series forms


  use CGI::Widget::Series;
  my $series = CGI::Widget::Series->new(
                                         -length    => 10,
                                         -linebreak => 1,
  print $series;   #prints <form><table>...</form>


This class allows you to create simple image-based gradients for use in simple CGI forms. This class is intended to be an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the clunky HTML radio and select form types. For more information, see CGI.


CGI::Widget::Series has only one constructor: new().

new() accepts the following parameters:

 Parameter                   Purpose
 length                      Number of element in the series
 break                       Insert <BR> tag after each element
 linebreak                   Insert linebreak after each element
 render                      A callback that returns the HTML
                             for a defined position in the series.
                             The position is passed as a parameter.


Interpreted in a scalar context, the object is overloaded to return the html for the series. Easy!

html() can also be called to produce the series html.

The remainder of the methods are of the same name as the parameter passed to new(), minus the optional leading dash. They are read/write-able.


 Thanks to Adrian Arva and Lincoln Stein.

 Allen Day <>
 Copyright (c) 2001.


perl. CGI::Widget.