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CGI::Wrap - buffer output when building CGI programs


        use CGI;
        use CGI::Croak;
        use CGI::Wrap;

        $query = new CGI;
        savequery $query;               # to reconstruct input
        $CGI::Out::mailto = 'fred';     # override default of $<

        run \&myfunc, @myargs           # a function
        run sub { code }                # an inline function
        run 'code'                      # something to eval

        sub myfunc {
                out $query->header();
                out $query->start_html(
                        -title=>'A test',
        $CGI::Out::out                  # is the buffer


This is a helper routine for building CGI programs. It buffers stdout until you're completed building your output. If you should get an error before you are finished, then it will display a nice error message (in HTML), log the error, and send email about the problem.

To use it, you must condense your program down to a single function call and then use CGI::Wrap::run to call it.

Instead of print, use out.


David Muir Sharnoff <>


Carp, CGI::Carp, CGI::Out, CGI


No support for formats is provided by CGI::Wrap.