CLI::Coin::Toss - Several random number generators by CLI (Command Line Interface) are provided.


Version 0.35


  cointoss -- Bernoulli/Binomial
  saikoro -- uniform distributions

  boxmuller -- generate normal distribution (so-called Gauss distribution)
  cauchydist -- Cauchy distribution (Student's t-distribution with d.f. = 1 )
  randexp -- Exponential distributions and also Laplace distributions
  poisson -- Poisson distriution 

  matrixpack -- pack elements into matrix-like shape.
  quantiles -- calculates quantiles
  entropy -- calculates entropy

 The guide to use these commands can be found by "--help", such as 'cointoss --help'.


"Toshiyuki Shimono", <bin4tsv at>


You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc CLI::Coin::Toss

The next version may contain the random variable generator of Student's t distribution with the degree of freedom being 2. It is because the following theorem is curious.

   For real numbers v1 and v2 given, and random variable v1 and v2 both come 
   from the t-distribution with the degree of freedom = 2, 
   Prob ( | v1*r1 | > |v2*r2| ) : Prob ( | v1*r1| < |v2*r2| ) = v1 : v2 holds.


Copyright 2018 "Toshiyuki Shimono".

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