CPAN::Metadata::RDF - Generate metadata about CPAN in RDF


  use strict;
  use CPAN::Metadata::RDF;

  # To generate metadata
  my $m = CPAN::Metadata::RDF->new();
  $m->create_db; # once

  # To output metadata
  my $m = CPAN::Metadata::RDF->new();
  print $m->output; # RDF

  # Methods to parse and query RDF soon...


This module generates metadata about CPAN modules (and BACKPAN) modules in RDF format.

It requires a local CPAN mirror (for example, mirrored using "/usr/bin/rsync -av --delete /path/to/local/cpan/") as well as a local BACKPAN mirror (for example, mirrored using "/usr/bin/rsync -av --delete /path/to/local/backpan/").

It currently uses an SQLite database as a temporary datastore. It takes about two hours to generate the RDF file from scratch. I don't expect many people to run this module. I run it occasionally, and you should be able to fetch the latest version from:


Leon Brocard <>


This code is distributed under the same license as Perl.