CPAN::ReverseDependencies - given a CPAN dist name, find other CPAN dists that use it


 use CPAN::ReverseDependencies qw/ get_reverse_dependencies /;

 my @deps = get_reverse_dependencies('Module-Path');


CPAN::ReverseDependencies exports a single function, get_reverse_dependencies, which takes the name of a CPAN distribution and returns a list containing names of other CPAN distributions that have declared a dependence on the specified distribution.

It uses MetaCPAN::Client to look up the reverse dependencies, so obviously you have to be online for this module to work. If you want more than just the name of the dependent distributions, use MetaCPAN::Client directly, and get the info you need from the MetaCPAN::Client::Release objects returned by the reverse_dependencies method.

This module will croak in a number of situations:

  • If you request reverse dependencies for a non-existent distribution;

  • If you're not online;

  • If there's a problem with MetaCPAN itself.

OO Interface

The first release had an OO interface, which is supported for backwards compatibility:

 use CPAN::ReverseDependencies;
 my $revua = CPAN::ReverseDependencies->new();
 my @deps  = $revua->get_reverse_dependencies('Module-Path');



Neil Bowers <>


This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Neil Bowers <>.

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