CPAN::SQLite::Index - set up or update database tables.


version 0.219


 my $index = CPAN::SQLite::Index->new(setup => 1);


This is the main module used to set up or update the database tables used to store information from the CPAN and ppm indices. The creation of the object

 my $index = CPAN::SQLite::Index->new(%args);

accepts two possible arguments:

  • setup => 1

    This (optional) argument specifies that the database is being set up. Any existing tables will be dropped.

  • reindex => value

    This (optional) argument specifies distribution names that one would like to reindex in an existing database. These may be specified as either a scalar, for a single distribution, or as an array reference for a list of distributions.




will start the indexing procedure. Various messages detailing the progress will written to STDOUT, which by default will be captured into a file cpan_sqlite_log.dddddddddd, where the extension is the time that the method was invoked. Error messages are not captured, and will appear in STDERR.

The steps of the indexing procedure are as follows.

  • download existing pre-compiled index (optional)

    If CPAN_SQLITE_DOWNLOAD or CPAN_SQLITE_DOWNLOAD_URL variables are set, an already existing and up-to-date cpandb.sql file will be downloaded from either specified URL or where it's updated every hour. This greatly increases performance and decreases CPU and memory consumption during the indexing process but if your CPAN mirror is out-of-sync or you're using DarkPAN, it obviously wouldn't work. It also wouldn't work without an internet connection.

    See WWW::CPAN::SQLite if you want to setup your own service for pre-compiling the database.

    If neither variable is set, this step is skipped.

  • fetch index data

    The necessary CPAN index files $CPAN/authors/01mailrc.txt.gz and $CPAN/modules/02packages.details.txt.gz will be fetched from the CPAN mirror specified by the $cpan variable at the beginning of CPAN::SQLite::Index. If you are using this option, it is recommended to use the same CPAN mirror with subsequent updates, to ensure consistency of the database. As well, the information on the locations of the CPAN mirrors used for Template-Toolkit and GeoIP is written.

  • get index information

    Information from the CPAN indices is extracted through CPAN::SQLite::Info.

  • get state information

    Unless the setup argument within the new method of CPAN::SQLite::Index is specified, this will get information on the state of the database through CPAN::SQLite::State. A comparison is then made between this information and that gathered from the CPAN indices, and if there's a discrepancy in some items, those items are marked for either insertion, updating, or deletion, as appropriate.

  • populate the database

    At this stage the gathered information is used to populate the database, through CPAN::SQLite::Populate, either inserting new items, updating existing ones, or deleting obsolete items.


CPAN::SQLite::Info, CPAN::SQLite::State, CPAN::SQLite::Populate, and CPAN::SQLite::Util. Development takes place on the CPAN-SQLite project at


Randy Kobes (passed away on September 18, 2010)

Serguei Trouchelle <>


Copyright 2006 by Randy Kobes <>.

Copyright 2011 by Serguei Trouchelle <>.

Use and redistribution are under the same terms as Perl itself.