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CSS::DOM::Util - Utility functions for dealing with CSS tokens


Version 0.17


  use CSS::DOM::Util ':all';
  # or:
  use CSS::DOM::Util qw[
    escape unescape
    escape_ident unescape_url
    escape_str unescape_str


This module provides utility functions for dealing with CSS tokens.


All functions below that take one argument have a ($) prototype, so they have the same precedence as closedir and delete.

escape $string, $chars_to_escape

This escapes any characters in $string that occur in $chars_to_escape, which is interpreted as a regular expression. The regexp must consume just one character; otherwise you'll find chars missing from the output. ASCII vertical whitespace (except the vertical tab) is always escaped.

Printable non-alphanumeric ASCII characters and the space character are escaped with a single backslash. Other characters are encoded in hexadecimal.

escape also considers that you might want to include the escaped string in a larger string, so it appends a space if the escaped string ends with a hexadecimal escape with fewer than six digits.

unescape $string

This turns something like \"H\65llo\" into "Hello" (including quotes).

escape_ident $string
escape_ident $string, $more_chars_to_escape

This escapes $string as a CSS identifier, escaping also any characters matched by $more_chars_to_escape.

unescape_url $url_token

Returns the URL that the token represents.

escape_str $string

Returns a CSS string token containing $string (within quotes; characters possibly escaped).

unescape_str $string_token

Returns the value that a CSS string token represents.