Cantella::Worker::Role::Beanstalk - Fetch Cantella::Worker jobs from beanstalkd


    package TestWorkerPool;

    use Try::Tiny;
    use Moose;

    sub work {
      my ($self, $job) = @_;
      my @args = $job->args;
      try {
        if( do_something(@args) ){
          $job->delete; #work done successfully
        } else {
          $job->release({delay => 10}); #let's try again in 10 seconds
      } catch {
        $job->bury; #job failed, bury it and log to file
        $self->logger->error("Burying job ".$job->id." due to error: '$_'");



beanstalk_clients - reader

Read-only, required, ArrayRef of Beanstalk::Client instances.


reserve_timeout - reader
has_reserve_timeout - predicate

Read-only integer. The reserve timeout will be passed on to Beanstalk::Client's reserve method, and signals how long, in seconds, the client should wait for a job to become available before timing out and trying the next client in the pool.

WARNING: If you only have one Beanstalk server, you might be tempted to set not time out. Don't do this. By setting no timeout, the reserve command will block all other events, including signal handlers. Instead, it is suggested that the reserve_timeout is set to something that is resonable for you workload and the load of your beanstalkd process.


max_tries - reader
has_max_tries - predicate

Read-only, Integer. After a job has been reserved more than max_tries, it will be deleted and not attempted again.


delete_on_max_tries reader

Reas-only boolean. If delet_on_max_tries is set to true and any job exceeds max_tries, the job will be deleted from the pool, otherwise the job will be buryed. The value defaults to false. This attribue has no effect unless max_tries is set.



arguments: none
return value: $beanstalk_job

Will attempt to reserve a job from all of the clients and return it.


arguments: none
return value: none

The _start method is extended to disconnect and reconnect to the beanstalk servers. This ensures that if a client instance is passed in as an argument prior to a fork when using Cantella::Worker::Manager::Prefork, the connection works correctly in the child.


Cantella::Worker::Manager::Prefork, Cantella::Worker::Role::Worker


Guillermo Roditi (groditi) <>


This software is copyright (c) 2009-2010 by Guillermo Roditi. This library is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.