Catalyst::Action::DBIC::Transaction - Encloses actions into transactions


  use base qw(Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::Transaction);
  sub foo :DBICTransaction('DB') {
     do $something or die $!;


THIS MODULE SHOULD BE CONSIDERED DEPRECATED. What is currently understood as a better practice is to enclose the code requiring a transaction into a proper model class. The point is that business logic should not be in the controller.

This module enables the use of automatic transaction support into Catalyst Actions, it will associate a given action with the appropriate action class and save the DBIC::Schema model class name for later use.

The action will be executed inside a txn_do, and a die inside that method will cause the transaction to be rolled back, as documented in DBIx::Class::Schema.

This method will not, on the other hand, handle that exception, since txn_do will rethrow it. This means that this handling is not much intrusive in the action processing flow.


Daniel Ruoso <>


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