Catalyst::Enzyme::CRUD::View - Catalyst View helper methods for CRUD templates



This is a mix-in for any (TT) View using the Enzyme CRUD.


element_req($c, $action_name, $column, $type)

Return new HTML::Element for $column.

If the current action is $action_name, fill in data from the request.

If there is no $column field in the model class, return a HTML <INPUT type="$type"> field with that name. Type = "textfield" | "textarea" | "select"


These methods are injected into the Catalyst class, available to call on the $c object.


Return uri which is identical to the current request, except overwritten with the new parameters in %new_params.

$c->uri_for_controller($action, @params)

Return a URI that points to the $action in this controller, no matter what the current request is (it could be to an action in another Controller which forwarded to this Controller (by first forwarding to this controller's set_crud_controller).

The @params are added to the URI the same way as in uri_for.


Johan Lindstrom <johanl ÄT>


This library is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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