Catalyst::Plugin::Session::PSGI - minimal configuration access to PSGI/Plack session (EXPERIMENTAL)


version 0.0.2


When running under PSG/Plack with Session middeware enabled you can use the PSGI session as follows:

    use Catalyst qw/


Fetches the psgi env globally from the request env


This distribution should be considered experimental. Although functional, it may break in currently undiscovered use cases.


If you are running your Catalyst application in a Plack/PSGI environment and using Plack::Middleware::Session you might want to consider using the session information in the PSGI environment.

The Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State::PSGI and Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::PSGI modules access the psgix.session.options and psgix.session data to provide the Catalyst session.


As this is an early, experimental release I thought it only fair to share the glaring areas of concern:

session expiry

I currently believe that it should be the responsibility of the Plack middleware to expire and clear session data. As far as possible this functionality is unimplemented and unsupported in this distribution.

session expiry value initialisation

There was a problem with the session expiry value being unset in the Catalyst related code. This led to sessions always being deleted/expired and never working properly.

There are a couple of dubious areas to resolve this.

    sub get_session_data {
        # ...

        # TODO: work out correct place to initialise this
            ||= $c->get_session_expires;

        # ...

is almost certainly the wrong time and place to be initialising this value, but it works and I'm open to clue-sticks and patches.

    sub get_session_expires {
        my $c = shift;
        my $expires = $c->_session_plugin_config->{expires} || 0;
        return time() + $expires;

worries me because I have no idea where the value for $c->_session_plugin_config->{expires} is being initialised. I'm concerned that this may become 0 when you least expect it and start expiring all sessions.

(lack of) test coverage

Other than basic sanity tests provided by Dist::Zilla this distribution has no tests!

I haven't found the time to mock up a plack-catalyst test suite to ensure the session is doing the right thing. Once again I'm open to clue-sticks and patches.


Catalyst, Catalyst::Plugin::Session, Plack::Middleware::Session, Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State::PSGI, Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::PSGI


Chisel <>


This software is copyright (c) 2011 by Chisel Wright.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.