Patrick Hochstenbach
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Catmandu::Store::FedoraCommons - A Catmandu::Store plugin for the Fedora Commons repository


 use Catmandu::Store::FedoraCommons;

 my $store = Catmandu::Store::FedoraCommons->new(
         baseurl  => 'http://localhost:8080/fedora',
         username => 'fedoraAdmin',
         password => 'fedoraAdmin',
         model    => 'Catmandu::Store::FedoraCommons::DC' # default

 # We use the DC model, lets store some DC
 my $obj1 = $store->bag->add({ 
                    title => ['The Master and Margarita'] , 
                    creator => ['Bulgakov, Mikhail'] }

 printf "obj1 stored as %s\n" , $obj1->{_id};

 # Force an id in the store
 my $obj2 = $store->bag->add({ _id => 'demo:120812' , title => ['The Master and Margarita']  });

 my $obj3 = $store->bag->get('demo:120812');



 # All bags are iterators
 $store->bag->each(sub {  
     my $obj = $_[0];
     my $pid = $obj->{_id};
     my $ds  = $store->fedora->listDatastreams(pid => $pid)->parse_content;
 $store->bag->take(10)->each(sub { ... });


A Catmandu::Store::FedoraCommons is a Perl package that can store data into FedoraCommons backed databases. The database as a whole is called a 'store'. Databases also have compartments (e.g. tables) called Catmandu::Bag-s. In Fedora we have namespaces. A bag corresponds to a namespace. The default bag corresponds to the default namespace in Fedora.

By default Catmandu::Store::FedoraCommons works with a Dublin Core data model. You can use the add,get and delete methods of the store to retrieve and insert Perl HASH-es that mimic Dublin Core records. Optionally other models can be provided by creating a model package that implements a 'get' and 'update' method.


new(baseurl => $fedora_baseurl , username => $username , password => $password , model => $model )

Create a new Catmandu::Store::FedoraCommons store at $fedora_baseurl. Optionally provide a name of a $model to serialize your Perl hashes into a Fedora Commons model.


Create or retrieve a bag. Returns a Catmandu::Bag. Use this for storing or retrieving records from a fedora namespace.


Returns a low level Catmandu::FedoraCommons reference.


Catmandu::Bag, Catmandu::Searchable, Catmandu::FedoraCommons


  • Patrick Hochstenbach, <patrick.hochstenbach at>