Chemistry::Isotope - Table of the isotopes exact mass data


    use Chemistry::Isotope ':all';

    # get the exact atomic mass for an isotope
    my $m  = isotope_mass(235, 92); # 235.043923094753

    my $ab_table = isotope_abundance('C');
    while (my ($A, $percent_ab) = each %$ab_table) {
        print "$A\t$percent_ab\n";
    # this should print (the order may vary):
    # 12    98.93
    # 13    1.07


This module contains the exact mass data from the table of the isotopes. It has an exportable function, isotope_mass, which returns the mass of an atom in mass units given its mass number (A) and atomic number (Z); and a function isotope_abundance which returns a table with the natural abundance of the isotopes given an element symbol.

The table of the masses includes 2931 nuclides and is taken from (G. Audi and A.H. Wapstra, Nucl. Phys. A595, 409, 1995)

The table of natural abundances includes 288 nuclides and is taken from the Commission on Atomic Weights and Isotopic Abundances report for the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry in Isotopic Compositions of the Elements 1989, Pure and Applied Chemistry, 1998, 70, 217.


isotope_mass($A, $Z)

Return the mass for the atom with the given mass number and atomic number, or undef if the nuclide is not in the data table.


Returns a hash reference with the natural abundance information for the isotopes of a given element. The hash keys are the mass numbers, and the values are the abundance percentages. For example, isotope_abundance('C') returns the following structure:

        '13' => '1.07',
        '12' => '98.93'





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